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Why can I not type in a drop down field?
Last Updated 7 years ago

The forms can have two different types of dropdown fields – one allows free text, and the other limits you to choose from a predefined list of options.

Dropdown List – No free text allowed

You must select an option from the list. The field does not allow you to type your own answer in.

For example the statement ‘The sky is blue’ could have a dropdown box which allowed the customer to select either True or False – no other answers are accepted.

Simple Dropdown – Free text allowed

In this case a predefined list of options is available to you in the dropdown but you can also enter your own answer if it is not included in the existing list.

For example for the question ‘How do you know this person?’, the form will include options in the dropdown such as: husband, friend, brother etc., but you may need to type your own answer – for example: “Work colleague from a previous job”

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