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How do I add an attachment to the form? / How can I include evidence with my form?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Not all forms will have the facility for files to be attached to the form. If a form has attachments enabled, an extra set of buttons will appear just above the top of the form, or within the form itself - commonly called 'Upload attachments'.

Attachments can be added to the form at any stage during its completion. This can be done by selecting the ‘Upload and attach file’ button at the top of the form page.

This opens a new pop-up window which prompts you to browse for a file to attach.

In some cases after you have uploaded an attachment you will be prompted to select a ‘Group’ in which to categorise the attachment. Alternatively, you may be asked to define your own category - for example, “Partner’s ID”.

Selecting the ‘Show/hide attachments list’ button will allow you to view, rename and delete attachments.

Sometimes only certain file types can be uploaded - you will see an error if you try to upload a file type which is not accepted.

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