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How do I retrieve / complete my saved form - saving on server?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Option 1:
 You will need to open a blank form via the same link on the website where you initially opened the form. When the blank form has loaded, you can select the ‘Load’ button and choose the second option: ‘Get Form Saved on the Server’.

You will then be taken to a new window (see right)

Here you can enter their 10 digit Save Reference and the system will load your saved data into the form.

Option 2: If you have opted to have your 10 Digit Save Reference emailed to you (where available); the system generated email will include a link that takes you to the ‘Blank eForms Library’.

At the top right of the library they can click the button: ‘Recover Saved Form (with reference number)’. This will take you to the window where the 10 Digit Save Reference can be entered, and the system will load your saved data into a new form.

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